Network Configuration Management (NCM)

Network Configuration Management (NCM) helps you avoid potential issues arising from incorrect device configurations or unauthorized changes within your organization's network. It also helps limit disruption due to device configuration issues by enabling admins to restore a working configuration version as required.

What's more, Site24x7 accomplishes all this from the cloud, assuring better visibility and accountability in your network environment, while offering the flexibility to scale according to your requirements.

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Automated network configuration management system

Site24x7 provides several intuitive features to address all your network configuration, change, and compliance management requirements. Site24x7's NCM enables you to reduce human errors, ensure control and coordination between teams, develop disaster recovery plans, thwart security threats, improve visibility, store backups for each configuration change, and replace outdated firmware managing network devices and their configurations.

Site24x7's NCM provides options to review, revert, or recover network configurations with a single click. It also supports protocols like SSH, SSH-SCP, SSH-TFTP, Telnet, and Telnet-TFTP. You can track your network device changes, automate and schedule backups, compare or restore configurations, track unauthorized changes, receive alerts—all from a unified dashboard.

Network Configuration Manager (NCM) - changes and details

Key features of Site24x7's network configuration management tool

Default and custom device templates for all your devices

Monitor any device in your network

Site24x7's NCM supports devices from over 75 vendors and more than 300 device templates to fetch and manage your network configurations. If required, you can also create custom device templates to monitor any device in your network.

Automate configuration backup

Automate configuration backups

An incorrect configuration change can halt network operations. Automate configuration backup whenever you detect a change to running and startup configurations.

Schedule Backups

Schedule backups and save time

Schedule configuration backups at predefined intervals based on your organization's needs. Site24x7's NCM takes a backup of the latest changes at established intervals to help you save time and effort while also maintaining security and device compliance.

Compare configurations to identify differences

Compare configurations

Compare the configuration details of your devices with their baseline, startup, running, or previous configurations to view and validate the changes. You can also compare the version numbers in real time to analyze the changes, ensuring complete change management.

Monitor unauthorized changes

Track unauthorized changes

Not all users are authorized to perform configuration changes. To understand if the change is authorized, you can view current configurations and their type to check the validity of the transaction. You can revert changes if they are not performed by authorized users.

Restore configurations when required

Restore configurations for disaster recovery

Be it baseline, running, or start-up configuration, you can recover any last approved version of the device configuration after network mishaps or unforeseen events—with a single click.

How does Site24x7 network configuration management work?

Site24x7 network configuration management

Benefits of using a network configuration management tool

To stay on top of network issues, you need a secure, robust, standalone configuration manager that can roll back effectively and restore the network before any threats cause meaningful damage.

Site24x7's NCM proactively takes backups of configuration versions if there's a change detected. If an outage hits, you can restore a previous stable configuration version and get your network up and running quickly. Site24x7 also offers several benefits that make network device configuration management effortless.

Instant alerts

Scheduling a periodic capture of configuration backups enables network admins to analyze real-time changes in network configuration. If a backup fails or conflicts occur, Site24x7's NCM generates insightful alerts through email, SMS, voice calls, and other third-party integrations like PagerDuty and Slack.

NCM reports

Obtain better visibility from reports that analyze the NCM inventory, startup or running device configuration conflicts, and user activities related to all the configuration events in your network environment. Schedule NCM reports to be sent as PDFs to your team's email ID.

Single-console visibility

Build a custom dashboard to track configuration changes made to major devices. Monitor them continuously by adding widgets that display the device status, backup status, and conflicts in a single view.

Device details from one screen

View device details, including hardware that's being backed up and monitored for configuration changes. This can help you troubleshoot device backup failures.

One solution for all your network management needs

Site24x7 offers network monitoring for device and interface monitoring; network traffic monitoring to analyze flows based on different technologies like NetFlow, J-Flow, and sFlow; and NCM to manage network configuration backups—all from a single, SaaS-based monitoring console. Accomplish hassle-free control over your network from a single console without switching between software packages.

Monitor and manage network configurations for different devices

  • Cisco IOS Switch
  • Cisco IOS Router
  • Arista Networks Switch
  • Brocade Switch
  • Foundry Switch
  • FortiGate Firewall - version 4.0 and 5.0
  • Cisco ASA
  • Cisco Nexus Switch
  • CheckPoint Gaia Firewall
  • Aruba Controller
  • Cisco IOS XR
  • Dell EMC-N Series Switch
  • HP Procurve Switch
  • Citrix Netscaler Firewall
  • Dell PowerConnect Switch
  • Cisco CatOS Switch
  • Mikrotik Router
  • PaloAlto Firewall PA-4000
  • FortiGate FortiAnalyzer
  • SonicWall
  • and more.

A complete network monitoring system

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