Network Mapping

Network maps help visualize your network devices and their connections. Site24x7's network topology mapper is an easy-to-use feature that allows you to view all your devices in a single window, regardless of the location. With our network mapping tool, you can quickly identify the device that requires attention before an issue becomes critical.

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Mapping the layer 2 and network topology

Simplify network infrastructure mapping with Layer 2 maps

Automate network discovery

Easily discover your network's layout and start monitoring devices directly from any Layer 2 map.

Pick your protocol

Discover your network's physical interconnections using the protocol that suits your device type. Site24x7 supports major protocols like ARP, CDP, FDB, IP route, and LLDP.

Pinpoint network outages

Map the performance of your critical devices or interfaces, and quickly drill down to any device or link straight from the map.

Automate discovery with Layer 2 maps

Create your network schema with our network topology mapper

Organize your maps

Create a schematic description of your network topology by logically arranging your network devices and interfaces over a predefined or custom background.

View your network connections

Understand how one device's performance can impact another by visually observing your network hierarchy and device connections.

Avoid performance bottlenecks

Instantly identify performance bottlenecks or resource outages by viewing the actual location of a device in trouble.

Create network schema with topology maps

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How does a network mapping tool work?

Network mapping tools help manage your networks by providing real-time information about device status and connection details. They also detect new devices as and when they are added, so your information in the tool remains up to date.

Here is how our network mapping tool works:

Automatically discovers devices

Hassle-free addition of devices with the auto-discover option that provides a granular view of what's there in your network.

Detects topology changes with periodic scans

Identifies network topology changes after scans and adds or removes devices to the network map as needed.

Identifies issues in devices instantly

Quickly locate faulty devices and drill down into the details to get a complete picture of what's happening and avoid performance bottlenecks.

Why is network mapping crucial for network performance?

Global organizations, hybrid workplaces, public and private cloud networks, innumerable devices, and interlinked data connections have resulted in complex networks. Hence, to ensure that there's no compromise on the security or performance of your networks, they require constant monitoring. One of the easiest methods of monitoring networks is to visualize them on a network map.

Once you've mapped your devices with our network mapping tool, you can:

Best practices to map your network

Network Mapping inventory

Take an inventory of all the devices you need to map

Know what devices must be added to your network maps for monitoring. With Site24x7, you only need to provide the IP range of the network, and you're all set to get started with mapping devices on a map.

Start mapping devices with Site24x7's network mapping tool

Manual network mapping is error-prone, cumbersome, and time-consuming. However, with Site24x7's network mapping tool, your network admins can focus on the big picture as our tool auto-discovers all the devices within your network and saves them from getting caught up in the nitty-gritty of network monitoring.


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